Creative experience talent

Why Garden?
Garden – is the agency working with the clients all over the world. We do not simply develop the advertising products, we are focused on business and we propose the original solutions considering all customer needs. Three pillars during development of the project are: the UX designing, creation of the nameable design and adaptability of the interface's up making for all devices.


Users of smartphones and tablet PC composes more than a half of all Internet- audience at the moment. Therefore, during creation of advertising products on the Internet it is very important to consider this factor for fear to lose the powerful quantity of the audience ready to make a choice to your credit. Adapting the up making, by testing on various types of devices, we reduce the bounce rate on website which is one of key sale's factors.

Our clients

Our clients are the companies of small, medium and big business. Electronic commerce, the industry of beauty, financial and medical services act as the main segments. We do not divide our clients on bad and good, small and big, our purpose – is the creation of professional business solution which we will be able to be proud of and hold up as an example.